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As the private university of choice in North Carolina, Campbell University is committed to providing a world-class educational experience for our students. That’s why the centerpiece of our campus master plan and one of the focal points of the Campbell Leads campaign is a 100,000 square-foot student union with a fundraising goal of $35 million.

This venue will enhance the educational lives of students by blending the academic experience with social opportunities to make Campbell graduates well-rounded, confident, and capable leaders of society.

The student union will provide academic support, promote student involvement, foster engagement with university employees and guests, offer amenities that enhance campus life, and support campus partners like the Office of Student Life and the Campbell Times.

We envision the student union to be a dynamic space for building the Campbell community, but we need your help.

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Student Union | Sneak Peek

Take a first look at the student union by watching the following videos or viewing the photo gallery.

12% The national standard for student unions is 12% of total campus space
11% The North Carolina standard for student unions is 11% of total campus space
1% At Campbell, our current facility takes up a mere 1% of total campus space

Why we need a student union

new student union
Student Success The student union will meet the needs of our students in the heart of campus. By offering shopping, coffee and snacks, and spaces where students can meet, study, plan projects, play games, and watch sports and movies together, the student union will get students out of their dorm rooms and involved on campus.
Student Engagement As the centerpiece of the Campbell University campus, the student union facilitates the Campbell mission by providing opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to participate in a variety of programs that enhance learning and foster an appreciation for university life, intellectual curiosity, spiritual growth, and professional development.
Student Retention In building a modern student union, we are building a stronger sense of community, which can increase student retention. The union will serve as a gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and community members to study, eat, fellowship, and get involved.  Part-time and commuting students will also have more options of where to study and relax on campus between classes.
Leadership Development A student union provides opportunities for students to practice servant leadership by taking knowledge from the classroom and implementing it in a social environment. The union will be a center of activity for the Campbell campus and community, giving students the opportunity to hone their social and networking skills. By providing this space, we will empower our students in their individual learning as well as help them become team players in group settings.
A Gathering Place The student union will provide the necessary meeting and event space for fellowship and learning our campus is missing. Currently, the John W. Pope, Jr. Convocation Center serves as the venue for all career fairs, university sponsored dances, and award banquets in addition to its primary function as an arena for our basketball and volleyball teams. The 800 seat banquet hall planned for the student union will be able to transform to become space for career fairs, research exhibits, service opportunities, and dining events.

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